Job Interview Tips - What to take into a Job Interview


Walking into an job interview with only your memory to rely upon can be a fatal mistke. Making a great first impression will make a world of difference, and being armed with the right information will have the interviewer in awe of your competence. So what should you take into the interview with you?


A Portfolio Folder:


This is normally an A4 size folder that contains your resume (together with at least two copies for handout), copies of certifications, copies of education, reports, graphs and/or any further portfolio information that is relevant to the job that you have applied for. Keep all documents in order so that you can easily retrieve without fumbling.


Notes and Note Pad:


An interview is a meeting, and as with every meeting you will be required to recall vital pieces of information and subject matter. Your resume will serve as a prompt, but you should also take some notes in with you. These can be about you, your personal achievements, strengths and weaknesses, questions you want to ask the company, research points, plus anything else you feel will be helpful. Recruiters & employers will be impressed by someone who is both mentally and physically prepared.

Tip - Avoid writing lengthy paragraphs as notes; just make bullet point listings for each section which can be used as a prompt. By taking notes in with you, you will come over as being knowledgeable, you won’t get stuck for words, and more importantly it shortens the chances of walking out and saying “If only I'd have thought of….”


Electronic Devices - tablets, laptop, net books etc


If your presentation is reliant on electronic devices, try to use a tablet as opposed to a laptop. Check and double check applications and battery life. If you are potentially relying on 3rd party equipment at the interviewer's site, take back up copies (some hard copies) just in case of a hardware or software failure. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario. One final point, make sure your mobile is on silent!


Other Items:


Check that you have a working pen so that you can make notes during the interview, take business cards and always carry documents in a suitable folder (never crunched up or folded multiple times).




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