Job interview - Tracking your market


Post interview, you'll want to keep track of you market.  By being pro-active, you can often stumble across job opportunities, assess changes in potential job offerings, and identify opportunities before they are actively released in the market.



How can you keep track of your industry? There are a couple key ways that you can stay in the know. First, subscribe to any trade magazines, newsletters, or email lists pertaining to your field. Read them religiously and if necessary, take notes. These pieces of information are often written by people in your field and they will include all of the latest news that you need.

Secondly, network with others in your particular industry. Go to any networking events that you get invited to and try to stay in touch with at least a couple of the people that you meet there. You can stay informed about important topics and issues that your field is facing by hearing from others involved and you also get to discuss these issues in depth, giving you an even better understanding of the news.

Industry growth is always occurring and every field has big happenings going on every day. Avoid being out of the loop by reading industry literature and networking with others in your field. You will find that you will have even more to discuss at the next office meeting and your boss will certainly notice that you have your finger on the pulse of what is going on in your field. Staying up to speed on changes and growth will make you far more competitive in your field because you will always be ahead of the curve.



Make sure you are signed up and keep updated to new sites including:


  • Subscribe to twitter feeds and other RSS feeds;
  • Regularly read trade journals;
  • Keep up to date within industry news websites;
  • Maintain you LinkedIn network;
  • Keep in contact with industry colleagues.



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