Job Interview Tips - Overcoming Interview Mind Blocks


The simplest way to overcome mind blocks in a job interview is to be prepared. Here we look at some essential tips that will hopefully help you avoid potential unpleasant situations such as "mind blocks" and going "blank” in interview:


  • Take notes in with youby now you are probably sick hearing us tell you this. But note are especially useful if you are susceptible to mind blocks. Employers won’t have a problem with you taking notes into interview, and for a few extra brownie marks, you can always remark that you “always feel better prepared having notes for a meeting of this importance”. If you are against taking notes in with you, then at the very least, make sure that you have a copy of your resume (preferably an extended resume / CV version).


  • Rehearsing your answers - by practicing and repeating answers, your subconsciouse  memory will often be sparked into life during interview. Quite simply, the more you rehearse, the more confident you will become.  Try to think of, and rehearse key words and prompts that will help you lead into points of interest that you feel will be essential to get across to the employer during interview.


  • Unclear about a question being asked? Ask the interviewer to rephrase the question, or seek clarification at to the points they would like you to expand on. This is far better than waffling or wadding through an answer.


  • Visual reminders in your head -by cross referencing answers with mental visual reminders, you create a new sense of feeling and ability to explain answers. Practice visual pictures and experiences that will have a positive effect on being able to retrieve answers. Try to avoid mental graphic interpretations that may have you giggling like a thirteen year old or bring on negative emotions (not really want you want to get out of this strategy).






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