Job interview - closing an interview

A closing impression is a lasting impression. Being confident in closing your job interview can be equally, if not more important than creating a strong first impression; and can often tip the scales in your favour. The following is a useful guideline on how to complete the job interview during the final stages.


  • Make sure you have addressed any concerns that the interviewer may have. You can be direct and ask “Are there any issues that I need to address?”.
  • “What do you feel are my strengths and weaknesses compared to others you have interviewed?” can provide a key insight into how your chances are.
  • “Am I someone that you would seriously consider?” is a fantastic show of confidence without sounding arrogant. Watch how an interviewer will relax and tell you the truth.
  • “Is there any other supporting documentation I can send you?” – a useful strategy that will show your commitment and also help strengthen your job interview (outside of the room).
  • “If successful, what format would a second interview take?”, a polite way to show interest and gain a better understanding of what will happen next.
  • Practice a sincere closing statement such as "thank you, I believe you have answered all my questions and I am keen to take this opportunity further".


Useful tip: If you are interested in the job...tell them. A last impression can make all the difference and by confirming your interest, you are reassuring the interviewer. Be careful not to re-open conversations, just provide a short and positive closure to the interview.


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