Interview feedback

The most successfully interviewees, are the ones who accept that knowledge comes from seeking feedback.

Most recruiters and employers will happily brief you on how you performed in interview, and this information can be critical in identifying any weaknesses you have (including that of over confidence). The first person to contact is the person who arranged the interview which could be either the recruiter or employer.

Important - If the interview was conducted through a recruitment agency, never bypass a recruiter and try to contact the company direct.

The best form of feedback as from a telephone discussion. Why not via email? Well, email’s can take a long time to draft and you’ll find that interviewer won’t be able to dedicate the time to a formal appraisal of the interview, so you could end up with learning nothing at all. Let the recruiter / employer know you will be calling (you can do that by email) and stress that it will be a short discussion, but an important one for you.


  • Ask the interview to be frank and constructive in their comments.
  • Don’t try to argue your case if you disagree (you’re seeking their point of view).
  • Ask what you could have done better.
  • Keep the conversation open and finish with a sincere “thank you”.



Remember, seeking feedback is not you trying to re-open an interview. It’s not about that. The more you can learn how you perform, the more you can understand your weaknesses in interview, and subsequently the greater your future performance will be.



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