Job Interview: What to wear (and not to wear)!

When it comes to a job interview, image can be everything. The image you are presenting as you walk in the door is the first and often last impression you give. So it’s crucial you know how to look and make the right first impression.


  • Always dress smartly for interview, even if the employer has a casual approach, it's still best to look professional, dressing neutrally, avoiding high fashion, and keeping conservative. Be remembered for all the right reasons.

  • You can ask the recruiter for some advice on what to wear.

  • Seek some fashion feedback from others (preferably not immediate family), perhaps a shop assistant or someone you respect in a professional sense.

  • Ladies, never wear shirts that are too short and blouses that are too revealing. You don’t want to be seen as a potential sexual harassment disaster!

  • Never use overpowering perfumes or cologne.

  • Avoid taking carrier bags or large bulky backpacks/gym bags.

  • Remove excess jewellery and piercings.

  • Keep novelty items, socks, ties etc well away from the interview. A business likes to employ a positive and constructive staff member, and won't take kindly to a potential office clown.


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