How to Write a Resume - Tailoring your Resume/CV

Many job seekers assume that they should be using exactly the same resume for each position they apply to. However, no two job descriptions are the same and therefore the aim is it to readily adapt / tailor your resume according to the position that you are applying to.


What are the benefits of doing this?  By adjusting your resume to highlight key words, you are successfully cross-referencing your resume and making it easier for the recruiter to identify the relevance of your resume to the position they have. This will ultimately see your chances of success becoming much greater.


Don't rely on a cover letter to do this. Many recruiters scan the resume before the cover letter, and if the resume doesn't appeal they probably won't bother to read the cover letter.

Points to consider:


  • Are the key words in your resume aligned with the job description?
  • Do you need to streamline the resume and reduce the word content (clean and precise)?
  • Can key words in your resume be clearly picked out in less than 10 seconds?
  • Does your position title match the job being advertised?
  • Have you considered re-ordering points to place more emphasis as necessary?
  • Will your resume come over as too experienced or too inexperienced?


An important note, do not use their wording and copy this verbatim into your resume and don't make the wording in your resume so strategic that a direct comparison cannot be seen.

how to write a resume - job tailoring

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