How to Write a Resume - Seeking Feedback from a Recruiter


When it comes to sifting through resumes, recruiters like to make presumptions and often scan read. In fact, many recruiters have toned their selection skills so that in less than 15 seconds, they know whether that are going to call the applicant or not.
Therefore, seeking feedback on your resume from a recruiter will provide invaluable insight.

When gaining feedback from recruiters, it’s often best that you just listen and don’t try to guide them through the resume, as you’re trying to get a first-person subjective view. If you find out that your resume simply isn’t telling the reader what they need to hear, then you’re either not applying for the right job,or your resume is deeply failing you.
The amount of feedback you receive will dependant on the recruiter, and it’s worth noting that one person’s view can often differ considerably to another’s. Therefore, try to gather several opinions before you embark on rehashing
your resume. Try to see if there is a collective them running through the feedback you receive.

When calling a recruiter for feedback, use the following strategies:
  • Be polite but try to get as much feedback as time will allow. You may not get a second chance to talk to the recruiter, so this information is gold.

  •  Listen to what they are seeing and don’t try to challenge their comments.

  • Ask what advice they can provide you.

  • Ask if it would be possible to send in a revised version of your resume for them to review. If this is acceptable, only send one revision (don't expect them to become a free resume critique).

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