There will be times when it's useful to combine a Reverse Chronological Resume with a Functional/Skills based resume formats. We see this switch at the Senior & Executive end of the market, where the writer wants to strengthen and highlight transferable skills - whilst still meeting the rules of a Reverse Chronological Resume i.e. a type of "best of both worlds".

Advantages of using this format:

  • Easy to adjust / tailor competencies and headers according to target job.
  • Ideal for making strong statements.
  • Ability to expand on key points of information.

Disadvantages of using this format:

  • Can become lengthy and convoluted.
  • Not everyone will favour this style.
  • Can be a little confusing to navigate unless clearly headed.

Sample of Reverse Chronological & Functional Mix


The following sample demonstrates the need to have clear headers that will make it easier for employers and recruiters to navigate this type of format. Notice how it's important to keep the skills to the first page, and then switch to employment history on subsequent pages; this will keep the style clean, clear and precise.


how to write a resume - professional resume sample thumb  how to write a resume - sample 1

Thank you to itouch for the resume examples and for supplying this subject matter.

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