How to Write a Resume - Online Resumes & CV Portfolios


Online Resumes have yet to really make their mark in the market. Therefore, before embarking on such a project, consider whether your actually need an online resume.

The reason main reason that online resumes have yet to make any impact is that recruiters prefer a summarised resume format which they can then easily compare against the job description in hand, and against other applicants. That's easy to do when you have multiple Word documents, but not so easy if you have to visit muliple websites to get a candidate profile. Therefore in the first instance, always provide a recruiter with a summary version of your resume using a standard MS Word (preferred) or .PDF file.


However, Online Resumes do have their place for those who require a graphic, audio or visual interpretation of their resume such as:


· Artists and Entertainers (Show Reels & Portfolios)
· Production & Editors (Show
· Architects & Designers (Portfolios)
· Graphic Designers, Web Builders (Portfolios)
· Executives (drill down information)
· Photographers (Portfolios)
· Hairdressers (Portfolios)
· Designers (Portfolios)
· Project Managers / Contractors (drill down information)


There are hundreds of position types that can benefit from Online Resumes, and the above is merely a fraction of the classifications. The following are collective points to remember when building an online profile:


  • Make sure navigation is clean and easy to follow.
  • Use compatible Video Codec (where required) which can be rendered in multiple devises.
  • Avoid heavy graphics which can way down mobile browsers.
  • Avoid “free builders” than often have some form of tie-in.
  • Seek the use of a professional web designer who can create something compelling.
  • Have a link to hard copy of your resume clearly listed on the site.
  • Avoid publishing your personal details, which can be seen by everyone.
  • Good for highlighting skills which can be tailored towards the job advertisement.



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