Creating a Winning Job Cover Letter

Step 1

Format of a Winning Cover Letter

The most widely adopted Job Cover letter formats are based around a four to five paragraph structure. You need to focus the resume on clean, clear and precise approach, with high-impact. Remember, the easier it is for a reader to absorb and scan read information, the more successful the cover letter will be.

Section I) The first section should be a simple intro stating the position you have applied to, and perhaps when and where you read the advertisement.

Sections II & III) The second and third section is the most important. Here you needed to address the criteria that is listed in the job advertisment and/or job description (normally centred around the technical skills). ITS ESSENTIAL that you customise this section; don't rely on a template "one letter suits all". Use out guide to "Tailoring your Cover Letter" to really sell those skills that are relevant and comparable to the job. We would recommend that you consider the use of "Bullet Points" to enhance and customise this section further.

Sections IV) Focus on your soft skills and more particularly, your working style. For example “I am able to work to tight deadlines and have excellent communication / presentation skills”. Alternatively, you can expand on any market research you have found that is relevant to your background and where you might be able to add extra knowledge.

Sections V) Finally, close the letter with a simple phrase such as “I can be contact on…., and I look forward to hearing back from you”.

Important pointers

  • Avoid exceeding more than one page;
  • Always write in terms of “adding value” to their company;
  • Write as if you were addressing someone directly;
  • Use bullet points within the cover letter to make key skills stand out;
  • Always keep a copy of the letter sent for your own records;
  • Avoid a “one template fits all” i.e. tailor the job cover letter.

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