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LinekdIn has grown to become an integral component in the way recruitment agencies seek and headhunt personnel. With an estimated 2.5 million Australian users, and a global network of 150 million + members, it’s easy to see the power and reach of such a simply yet highly effective recruitment and networking tool.


The following tips should be used as a basis for creating your own profile:


  • Build you profile as you would your resume/CV; but keep your LinkedIn profile more concise and condensed.

  • Wording needs to be informative and interesting, without going into the micros.

  • Fill the “key words” section – this tool forms the basis of many recruiter searches.

  • Ensure both your Professional Summary and your LinkedIn Photo reflect that of someone who is serious about their work, their image, and how they present. This is not Facebook, so keep the humour out, and the corporate image in.

  • Don’t be shy to ask for recommendations, these go a long way in “show boating” your profile and creates a solid endorsement platform.

  • Headlines work well – keep these targeted to the audience


Points to remember:


  • Your profile can be viewed by anyone including your own employer (don’t be negative).
  • Profiles and work history should be factual and concise
  • Update you profile and your status on a regular basis
  • Add supporting documentation of work, portfolios and URLs
  • Don’t be shy about listing your profile – be confident (150 million others have)



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