Australian Online Job Boards


If you haven't already noticed, there are three online job sites that dominate the Australian employment market. To make sure you get the most out of your job search, it's important that you sign up to all three:


 Seek and CareerOne now boasts job numbers in excess of 60,000 each, and MyCareer is following closely on their heels. The job sites are self explanatory and easy to navigate, and all three have specialist industry breakdowns such as Accountancy, Engineering, Marketing, Insurance, etc, as  well as dedicated Executive search areas.


In addition to the "Big 3", there are several national sites that will also benefit your search:


We would estimate that the sites listed have a total coverage of 85% of the online employment site market (job boards).

IMPORTANT NOTE - Don't be caught out...


Are all job adverts real?
It is a well known fact (although no one will admit to this), that not all job advertisements are active, so take some of the recruitment agency jobs with a pinch of salt.


Keep seeing the same old jobs?
Recruitment agencies regularly re-post old jobs to show as a new entry, which ultimately sends their job offering back to the top of the list! Also, many recruiters advertise the same job i.e. a company may list a vacancy with 5 recruiters resulting in the same job being advertised five times (just different wording). Therefore, you will often stumble across old and duplicate job listings.


Create an email alert
Most of the sites listed have an automated job email alert system, meaning you'll only need to log in once, and then sit back and let the jobs come to you.


Are there more employment job board sites other than those listed on this site?
Yes, across Australia there are literally hundreds of employment job boards out there and too many for the average person to surf daily.

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