Panel Interviews

Panel Interviews are quite possibly one of the more difficult types of interview types of interview structures, especially when the panel consists of three or more different representatives. It can easily feel like you’re being interrogated as opposed to being interviewed, and it’s hard to build personal rapport.


That said, it is still only a job interview so don't feel pressured into thinking this is a one-way process. You just need to structure your approach differently than for a one on one interview.


  • Prior to the interview, try to establish whether there will be an agenda. There may now always be a formal agenda but a call through to HR (or whoever is coordinating the interview) might provide some valuable insight.

  • At the start of the interview, ask if it’s okay to take out a pen and paper so that you can take notes (it’s very unlikely that they would ever say no).


  • If you can, make a note of each person’s name.

  • Be prepared for many of the standard types of interview questions whilst paying special attention to Behavioural Questions which are often used extensively in a Panel interview.

  • Try to be as engaging as possible to all parties, and when answering questions make sure that you address everyone.

  • Smile and subconsciously be aware of your composure - sit up straight and don't slouch.


  • Make sure you have a sufficient supply of hand outs. Remember, unless you have pre-arranged the use of a laptop, netbook or pad (together with projector), it's best to stick to hard copies for distribution.

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