Free Online Salary Surveys

    Salary surveys offer a useful insight as to what the market is paying. Even better, these days many of the surveys are free!


    Unfortunately, Salary Surveys often provide a large $to and $from scale, and may not always provide an accurate "like for like" scenario. Therefore, it's advantageous to speak with a recruiter directly as they can provide more exact figures based on your exact profile.


     Also, if you have recently obtained a new level of responsibility i.e. promotion, then you will need to have sustained that position for at least 6 - 12 months before you can be assessed at that level of salary in the market.


    However, in the most part, these surveys offer a useful benchmark and can be a useful aid when being asked that all important question "what salary are you after".


Best Free Online Salary Surveys



Best Free Salary Survey Apps (ipad, android...)


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