Top Marin Resume Services (Silver Award)


Established by Debra Mills in 1999, Pro-CV has been an effective market player for UK clients and those seeking to work abroad.

Areas Covered:

° Finance, Investment, and Banking CV
° Senior Management and Executive-level CV
° Mid-Level Management CV
° Supervisor and Team Leader CV
° Information Technology (IT) CV
° Ex-Military CV
° MBA Graduate CV
° University Graduate CV
° Student CV
° LinkedIn Profiles
° Oil and Gas CV
° Maritime and Marine
° Shipping & Logistics CV
° Power Generation CV

Types of products offered:

° Resumes/CVs
° Job Cover Letters
° LinkedIn Profiling
° Interview Coaching and Support


Debra has excellent all round experience, and having been in the industry since 1999, her knowledge on how to manage difficult and complicated projects is excellent. CV's are generally two-page version for the UK market and well written, clean, clear layout, with professional approach - just how recruiters want them.


Debra recently cut down her workloads so you will need to book early.

Where to find them:



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