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Resume Writers can offer you unique advantage over your competition, and with more than 200+ applications per job, you need every advantage you can get.

Resume Writer Reviews:

More than 640 Resume Writers were reviewed in Australia and Globally. Our reviews are based on quality of resume, client satisfaction, and results of resume on the market, reputation, influence, and market knowledge.

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When seeking a resume writer:

·  Don't be steered by price - focus on quality and results.

·  Try to seek those resume writers with extensive recruitment or HR experience 

·  Review a resume writers history on Google (it’s easy to conduct a little research)

·  Avoid franchisee type resume writers  

·  Ensure guarantees are being offered 

·  Check the resume writers LinkedIn profile

·  Look for industry awards and the company’s influence in the industry.

What you can expect to pay:

As a ball park, we would suggest you will need to budget for around $200-250 (entry level), $300-$400 (mid-level) and $400 to $500+ (senior & executive). Sounds a lot? Not really, considering this is a professional service and it’s both your career and your salary that will ultimately benefit. Besides, the cost of NOT BEING EMPLOYED or MISSING YOUR IDEAL ROLE will soon outweigh the cost of a professional resume service.

Avoid the "cheaper" end of the market - cheap isn't all it seems. In our experience, those resume writers who are able to under-cut or heavily discount other Resume Writers often fall very short at the end product. You won't know this until you have paid your money.
Only use reputable firms.

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