How to Write a Resume - International Resumes


So, you’ve considered packing up your bags, and joining the thousands of ex-pats that leave these shores to head for pastures new. These are exciting times, but you do need to do some ground work first. Below is a list of commonly used Resume & CV formats. Also on the right hands side, you'll see additional pointers.


We’ve only provided a short list of countries, and we need to stress the importance of contacting an agency in the country of destination to confirm requirements (as these sometimes change). Formats also change according to industry sector.


  • Canada & US – Paper 8.5 x 11inch, preferably one or two pages, do not include personal information such as age, gender, height, weight, marital status, photos, etc.

  • UK & Ireland – A4 size paper, preferably two page resume. Do not include date of birth, photo or marital status. All education should be listed with dates. Note, the UK commonly phrases resumes as “CV’s or "Curriculum Vitae”.

  • Europe – differs from country to country but generally A4 and within two pages. Countries such as Spain, Denmark, Poland and Austria (amongst others) often show preference for a Photo to be included. Many of these countries require full education details but do not require age, gender, marital status etc.

  • Asia Pacific – A4 page size, two to three pages (preferred) and language tends to be more “English – American” although “English – International” is also widely accepted. Photos are used for some countries which can either be included on the resume and/or the cover letter.



NOTE: Industries such as military, government, education, health etc., often require a different style of presentation.  



Seeking relocation assistance? Some specialist roles will see employers happily support relocation programs. However, for those positions where candidates can be sourced locally, you’ll need to have a fixed arrival date and have the relevant working visa in place.  It’s worth having this noted on the cover letter (not the resume).



Always check with a local recruiter or gain confirmation of format before applying to any position, no matter the country or sector. Some regions differ from others, some sectors require format changes.


Thank you to itouch resume writers for their insight into how to write a resume.

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