How to Write a Resume / CV: The Complete Walkthrough

We can't stress highly enough the importance of a resume as a sales tool, and the impact your resume will need to have, if you are to be chosen from hundreds of other applicants.

How to Write a Resume - Resume Layout & Format

The Australian recruitment market tends to favour the use of a two to three page Resume/CV that should contain a summary of your history and achievements, is both concise and informative, and most importantly...acts as a sales tool to sell your abilities to a prospective employer.  The following will walk you through different types of resume formats.

How to Write a Resume - Essential Insights

Once you have decided on your resume layout and strategy, you then need to think about ways of improving the quality, focus, and the content of your resume.

How to Write a Resume - further reference points

The following serves as key talking points and as points of consideration.


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